Empowerment College

Under the auspices of F.O.K.U.S. / Initiative zur sozialen Rehablitation e.V. in Bremen, Germany, six European countries have developed a new educational offer for people with mental health problems.

The courses in the Empowerment College aim to support people with mental illnesses in their empowerment and recovery process. Symptoms, experience with illnesses, a rupture in education… elsewhere understood as deficit and insufficiency, are, in this concept, regarded as life-experience and a resource.

The themes of the courses are not just relevant to people with mental health problems and we strive to open up the colleges to everyone in the community in order to further the interaction between people with mental health problems and the community.

Learning takes place through participants sharing their lived through experience with each other rather than by conveying theoretical knowledge.

Patron is the senator for Science, Health and Consumer Protection in Bremen,  Prof. Dr. Eva Quante-Brandt.

Empowerment College awarded by NABIBB