Polish Institute of Open Dialogue

The foundation Polish Institute of Open Dialogue (PIOD) was established in 2006 as a non-governmental organisation. We are located near Wroclaw (south-west of Poland) but operate in the whole country with support of partners.

The objective of PIOD is influencing the changes in Polish Mental Health system through promotion and implementation of best practices from Europe and from the world to Poland.

We are known from following activities:

  1. Conferences and seminars to build in the polish society new understanding of mental health and need of change from institutional to community oriented system.
  2. Trainings for professionals, who are providing mental health and social services. The Open Dialogue Approach opens the new way of thinking and develop new practices in the professionals daily operation.
  3.   Empowerment of people with lived experience, mainly through Ex-In workshops. They become experts who know how to help the others with mental illness and advocate for changes in Poland.
  4. Improving peoples live by organising in their local community integrated services: Prevention – Treatment – Social support.
  5. Advocacy towards reform of Polish mental health system on the governmental level.
  6. Multinational projects, study visits, bilateral cooperation with foreign organisations to take advantage from European heritage in Mental Health.

For information please visit the website of the Polski Instytut Otwartego Dialogu