Empowerment College awarded by NABIBB

Empowerment College awarded by NABIBB


We are very pleased about being featured as one of six „good practice“ top-projects at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (Nationale Agentur beim Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung – NABIBB).


Below you will see a translation of the text on the NABIBB website.

How does cooperation between institutions from different European countries work? What comes out of the cooperation? Which topics have already been successfully developed? Take a look for yourself! Here we present selected projects of successful partnerships.

Strategic partnerships

Under the Erasmus+ programme, the European Commission supports transnational projects aimed at the transfer, development and/or implementation of innovation and good practice. On this page we present selected projects as examples of good practice from the current Erasmus+ programme.

Successful projects are characterized by

  • exemplary project and financial management,
  • Innovation,
  • the transferability of the project results,
  • targeted dissemination of the project and its results, and
  • the greatest possible impact and sustainability.


Empowerment College – Education for people with psycho-social health problems

  • Strategic partnership to support innovation
  • from ongoing project work

Due to their limitations and negative previous experiences, people with a mental illness often do not succeed in participating in conventional educational programmes. Education is an important key to broadening scope for action and promoting recovery. What is the experience in other European countries? A consortium of six project partners is developing a new educational offer for the target group and all those who support them: the Empowerment College.